Bahrain: Child died after being shot by security forces

Hussam Mohammed AlHaddad-16 years old- died after being shot by security forces in Muharraq.

Two witnesses confirmed to the Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR) that Hussam was shot using bird shotgun by security forces at 9:30pm ( August 17) and then subjected to severe beatings by 15 (approximately) unknown individuals.

Witnesses confirmed that Hussam was involved in the protests in support of the Palestinian people.

At one o’clock in the morning ( August 18) – approximately – Ministry of Interior announced that he died at hospital.

Statement of the Ministry of the Interior (Arabic) (Click Here)

The BYSHR documented the injuries of many demonstrators and has received reports of excessive use of force by riot police using bird shotgun.

Learn more about the campaign against the use of bird shotgun (Click Here)

The BYSHR demanding, the following:

1-Immediate and urgent investigation in the case of the death of Hussam Mohammed AlHaddad.

2-Prevent security forces immediately from the use of bird shotgun against demonstrations.

3-Allow peaceful demonstrations without legal barriers.

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