Bahrain: Prisoners suffer from suppression and targeting

03 Dec 2012

The Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR) expresses its grave concern for what is happening in the Dry Dock Prison – temporary prison – of violations against those detained for political cases, where the prison officials targeted the prisoners because of releasing a statement under the name of “Prisoner of Conscience Coalition”.

Photo: “Prisoners of Conscience Coalition in Bahrain” statement

On 27 November 2012, cyber activists published a statement under the title “Prisoners of Conscience Coalition in Bahrain”, the statement indicated the violations taking place in prison and the unjust trials that those detained for political cases are subjected to. The statement called for holding events in solidarity with the prisoners.

According to information received by the BYSHR from inside the “Dry Dock Prison”, the prisoners in “3,6,2,9” words have suffered violations by the security forces, where the prison officials raided the words, searched them in derogatory and insulting manner, and the prisoners were beaten and tortured by the security forces in the sports field.

One of the prisoners – in a phone call – said to the BYSHR, “I have seen the security forces beat the prisoners and then I saw blood on the sports filed” and the call was disconnected.

One of the prisoners – in a phone call – confirmed that the security forces on 27 November 2012 targeted the prisoners’ beliefs and cursed and swore at the Shiite clerics.

According to the information received by the BYSHR the prison warden ordered to put at least two prisoners in solitary confinement.

On 1 September 2012, Director-General of Prisons visited the Dry Dock Prison and according to information from the prisoners, he was threatened the prisoners because of the “Prisoners of Conscience Coalition in Bahrain” statement.

In a phone call to the BYSHR, one of the prisoners said, “the chambers were raided and at least three people were taken to an unknown place, and among those was Mr. Mohammed Al-Tal – “a well-known pro-democracy activists”.

Photo: Mr. Mohammed Al-Tal

The BYSHR could not obtain any extra information about what is taking place inside the prison because communication is almost entirely lost.

The BYSHR calls for the following:

1. the immediate and urgent release of the peaceful and pro-democracy activists;

2. the urgent and independent investigation in the allegations of abuse against prisoners in the Dry Dock Prison, and the Jaw Central Prison and police stations;

3. Bring forth those responsible for abusing prisoners to fair trials.

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