Bahrain: Citizen in Critical Condition after being Shot by Security Forces

Mr.Aqeel Mohsin Habib – 19 years old – from the village of Bani Jamra in critical condition, after the members of the security forces – in civilian clothes – fired him (live bullets and shotgun).

Photo: Mr. Aqeel before injury (left) – on the way to hospital after the injury (right)

According to information obtained by the Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR) in the evening December 4, 2012, Mr. Aqeel driving in his village and was accompanied by a person accused of political charges (escaped from prison) and suddenly appeared bus in front of him and the persons in civilian clothes – from inside the bus -fired live bullets and shotgun towards the car.

Photo: Mr. Aqeel’s car after he was injured

According to information obtained by the BYSHR that the accused person in the political issues had escaped from the car, but Mr. Aqeel was seriously injured in the face, neck and left arm (injuries because of shotgun).

Photo: computerized tomography (CT)

Interior Ministry (MOI) issued a statement

The Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR) demanded an immediate and urgent investigation in the incident.

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