Complaint against Bahraini Minister of Labor

ILO pic Complaint Letter From: Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights – Kingdom of Bahrain To: Secretary-General, International Labor Organization – Switzerland Please accept our kindest regards, Re: Complaint against Bahraini Minister of Labor Dear Messer/ International Labor Organization (ILO), We in Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR) would like to praise your permanent efforts to serve workers and non-workers all over the world. Your reputable organization has already participated in establishing the general policies for officials in different countries in terms of proper work climate. You have already mentioned that "Decent work is the work product on which rights are protected, which generates an adequate income, with adequate social protection. It also means working adequately, in the sense that all have the potential to reach the full income-earning opportunities. It opens the way to social and economic development, any way in which employment, income and social protection without compromising the rights of workers and social standards"

Dear ILO, we would like to inform you that Bahraini Minister of Labor, Majid El-Alawy made press statements that Bahraini youth are lazy and that they refuse to occupy the job vacancies provided by the ministry.

BYSHR would like to assert that such statements made by the Minister of Labor are not supported by any documents. Albeit this, Bahrain Youth Society would like to inform you that:

Bahraini Minister of Labor has launched a national employment project after a group of unemployed youth established a committee to discuss their own problems. The official authorities in Bahrain met this committee with a bunch of harassments. However, the committee survived and succeeded to deliver its peaceful messages to official authorities. Therefore, the Ministry of Labor established the “national employment project”. The project failed to find proper job vacancies for the unemployed, though. For example, the ministry offered the female unemployed some job vacancies, which require intensive power and strength, which no woman neither in Bahrain nor the world can afford. Accordingly, the ministry considered that this is a rejection to the job vacancies from the part of youth. There are many other points to clarify the gross failure of the said national project.

There is no minimum wage in Bahrain. However, the Ministry of Labor identified the minimum wage as 200 BHD (US$ 754). The ministry also started to contract with many private companies to raise the wages of employees to 200 BHD. Many official and unofficial studies mentioned that 200 BHD per month could not cover the Bahraini standard of living. The prices of different commodities including leasing and purchasing houses are too high to afford.

We – in BYSHR – are addressing you about the statements of Bahraini Minister of Labor. We hope that you will consider this letter as an official complaint against Bahraini Minister of Labor who attributed untrue descriptions to Bahraini youth who are seeking job vacancies fitting their academic level. Minister of Labor did not find practical solution for the problems suffered by low-paid and unemployed youth. Instead of admitting his failure, he accused Bahraini youth with laziness and willingness to create labor crisis in Bahrain.

Dear ILO, Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights file our complaint to you with great hope that you will take necessary measures towards the Bahraini Minister of Labor statements. We are confident of your prompt response to young people seeking proper job vacancies to afford life requirements in Bahrain.


Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights

9 June 2007

Carbon Copy to:

ILO Regional Office – Lebanon

2 Comments on Complaint against Bahraini Minister of Labor

  1. Poor Bahraini // June 19, 2007 at 9:18 am // Reply

    Thanks for your efforts in protecting the poor Bahraini people.
    I think that Bahrain has a serious problem arising from the imbalanced control of power. Each society is goverened by elements of control. These elements of control are the different area representing the different aspect of life. Education, Economy, Politics, Religion, Health are some of these elements. These elements are supposed to be dealt with and shared equally and logically. The problem in Bahrain is that the government is made up of individuals who carry on with the mentality of desert tribes where they hold everything. In the case of Bahrain, people can have no hand on their education, health, economy or religion because politics are given 95% control over everything. And we say politics we are talking dirty rules and regulation based and set to protect the few individuals with the desert mentality.
    Therefore, people in Bahrain stagger for their daily living and eventually get nothing. The plan is that Education, Economy, Health, Religion are governed to serve the political plan of the ministry of interior. Ministry of Interior in its reality is a big network of slayers and torturers walking with a uniform or driving a Lexus.
    The stupid Minister of Labor is nothing but a tool within the political game. His ministry is also governed by the political plan. He has no balls to say the truth. He is so cheap that he is willing to believe his own lies. If he was a real man, he would have resigned long time ago. It is enough to say that he is not a man.. so, what to expect from a fag???

    Bahrain has become so pethatic. However, we are staying until we die. It is our land no matter how many baloochi ministers might be designated!!;-) Screw you Fatima Baloochi. Go to Baloochistan and help your people there. Don’t help them here. This is Bahrain not Balooch’ain’…

  2. Thank you for making your work very simple to comprehend. The matter is somewhat baffling as it is but you make it appear easy. This is exactly what people need to read.

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