Take Action:Mohammed Hassan Mohammed Jawad

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Please, send your letters, emails, and/or faxes to the following list:

Bahraini parliament Members:
Fax: (+ 973) 17748445
E-mail: fshehabi@almajlis.gov.bh

Members of the Bahraini Shura Council:
Fax: (+ 973) 17748888
E-mail: info@shura.gov.bh

Note: Do not forget to tell us what you did in support of the Activist

2 Comments on Take Action:Mohammed Hassan Mohammed Jawad

  1. Thank Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights “and we hope the international rapid intervention for the release of this man who was arrested in Bahrain International Airport .. and organizations call for rapid intervention to stop the many violations that happen in Bahrain,” There are many mistakes happen in the Security Council .. How are honoring Premier prize ((human development))! ! ! ! Do you Denmark please visit villages to see the poverty in which we live .. Why did not the Council to prosecute gang conspired to people .. Look what happens to the Sea .. Sea King has become particularly for the Bahraini ruling family was stealing islands .. Call organizations to move quickly to protect what is left of this country before they are sold

  2. اللهم انصرنا على القوم الظلمين

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