Bahrain: Sentencing on 8 protesters and prominent cleric “20 years imprisonment”

Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR) is deeply concerned about sentencing on 9 demonstrators today in National Safety court ( Emergency court) .

On 19 May , 2011 :

1-Hamid Ibrahim Al-Madhoun
2-Khalil Ibrahim Al-Madhoun
3-Jassim Ali Yahya
4-Bassam Jalil Saeed
5-Jalal Saeed Mohammed
6- Fouad Ali Fadel
7- Falah Ali Fadel
8- Mohamed Ali Mirza
9-Mohammed Habib Al Safaf. ( Mohammed Habib Miqdad)

All of them sentenced: 20 years imprisonment

Charge: Kidnapping of a policeman


1- Hamid and Khalil Ibrahim Al-Madhoun ” Were arrested on March 23, security forces stormed their house in search of their father’s “political activist”, but their father is in Lebanon and always appears on the satellite channels”

2- Mohammed Habib Al Safaf. ( Mohammed Habib Miqdad) : Prominent cleric and Political and social activist. Accused in another case also

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