Bahrain: Online Trafficking in human documented with photo,Are there gangs of sexual exploitation in Bahrain?

Trafficking in human Bahrain: Online Trafficking in human documented with photos Are there gangs of sexual exploitation in Bahrain? Report By: Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights 11 August 2007 Introduction: Trafficking in human definition referred to using power, forgery, or coercion. These legal expressions are interpreted in panic, kidnap, beat, rape, cheat, dessert, and purposeful murder. Some victims are used to work as slaves in factories and farms. Some others – women and girls – are used as slaves in brothels all over the globe, while some others are kept for slavery at rich houses. The children are kidnapped for doing military work and sometimes they are forced to work as street beggars. Otherwise, they are tempted and treated badly in a new type of violation named sexual trade of children. The start – finding them: “There are websites for dating between females and males in different countries all over the world. Some of these websites are interested in Gulf countries, including Bahrain. On one of these websites, there are more than 1000 photos for young ladies from different nationalities. Most of them are under 25 years-old,” (M.H.) told Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR). “I signed up at one of these websites and I was happy to find a way to contact girls in Bahrain and in other countries so easily. When I reviewed the website, I found dozens of photos for various girls. I did not expect to see photos for naked girls. That is why I wonder how come this website is only for dating,” M.H added.


BYSHR – with the help of a web navigation specialist – succeeded to discover the countries which launch such websites. BYSHR reached a conclusion that most of these websites are operated from the United States of America with nick names; so that the webmasters may not be arrested for Trafficking in human.

Advertising websites:

M.H told BYSHR that “some Arab and non-Arab websites – the nonsexual ones – post pop-up advertisements. These advertisements only appear when the user clicks a certain link. They include photos for naked girls and under the photo a sentence saying that they want to have sex. Most of the locations shown in these photos are in Bahrain.”

The end – The dangerous trick:

“I chose one of those girls who has a nick name and a photo – some of the girls there do not have photos. I just wanted to chat with her with no sexual purposes. After a few mutual conversations, she asked me to have sex with her and she said she will pay me money for this. I do not remember the amount, but I remember that she said she will pay cash in Bahraini Dinars. Then, she tried to tempt me by sending sexual photos to my email,” M.H told BYSHR.

“I refused the offer with persistence. So, she told me that she knows other girls from different nationalities and ages. She also offered me girls from outside Bahrain. They have girls all over the globe ready for prostitution,” M.H added.

“When I refused to access or deal with her network, she hacked my email and my computer. They deleted all the information related to her or leading to her,” M.H added.

BYSHR Demands:

1. Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights calls for unveiling the sources that misuse girls for prostitution in Bahrain.
2. Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights calls for legislating new laws to eliminate Trafficking in human in Bahrain, particularly those related to sexually misusing women.
3. Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights calls for discovering how such girls can access Bahrain to do their prostitution business.

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