Bahrain: More than 10000 subscribed to sexual networks,More than 50 websites affiliated to prostitution networks in Bahrain

Bahrain: More than 10000 subscribed to sexual networks More than 50 websites affiliated to prostitution networks in Bahrain The second report on Human Trafficking case By: Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights August 15th, 2007 Introduction: Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR) has recently published its first report on “Human Trafficking in Bahrain” (1). The report referred to Human Trafficking gangsters interested in misusing women all over Bahrain. One of the regular visitors of chatting websites told BYSHR about his own experience and how he discovered that they are prostitution websites. The moderators of these websites offered him girls for sex from Bahrain and from all over the world. BYSHR believes that the prostitution business is organized by local networks in Bahrain that have strong ties with international networks. They provide prostitution service via the Internet. Therefore, BYSHR will continue its struggle to eliminate such networks by unveiling the files of “Human Trafficking – Sexual Misuse of Women” in Bahrain. The association shall reveal all the information it holds about sexual misuse of women on the World Wide Web. How do women are misused for trafficking: The victims coming from foreign countries are seduced with tricky plans. Usually, they arrive to Bahrain with gratefulness to those who brought them here. They can hardly identify where they exist because of their incapacity to use the local language. They do not have any one to resort to when the “Human Trafficking” hide their passports and identity documents. Then, they are seduced by offering to upgrade their living standard, provide appropriate job vacancy, and ensure a better future to their families in their origin countries.

What sexual misuse “prostitution networks” are:

Prostitution network is moderated by three persons:

The seeker: the person who contacts Human Trafficking and asks them to provide them with women for sex provided to pay for the broker.

The Broker: the owner and manager of the network who provides the proper woman for the seeker. He receives the money from the seeker and pays little amounts for the women who are sexually misused.

The women (who are sexually misused): They are the women who have sexual relationship with the seeker against tiny amounts of money. They cannot escape from the broker because they are always burdened with debts and their passports are held by the broker.

Prostitution in numbers:

BYSHR acquired adequate statistics on the women who practice prostitution in Bahrain and the numbers of registered users in prostitution websites. The announced number is 13,539 persons from Bahrain. They include seekers and women. This number is increasing day after day. 1200 persons were added to the aforementioned number within only two days.

Advertising websites:

Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights would like to confirm that there is a prominent website that posts huge number of advertisements about prostitution networks in Bahrain. BYSHR discovered more than 50 prostitution websites on the World Wide Web. These websites mention different locations from Bahrain and post women pictures and ages on these areas.

Blocking websites:

Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights asserts that blocking erotic websites in Bahrain is of no use. Every one can easily access these websites through proxies. In addition, blocking will not help to recognize the Human Trafficking.

BYSHR demands:

1. Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights calls for unveiling the authorities responsible for sexually misusing women in Bahrain.
2. Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights calls for stipulating proper laws to prevent Human Trafficking, particularly in regard with sexual misuse of women.
3. Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights calls for discovering how the women seeking to practice prostitution in Bahrain have access to these websites.


(1) For more information please read BYSHR first report dated 11 August 2007, titled “Bahrain: Online Human Trafficking documented with photos. Is there gangs for sexually misusing Bahraini citizens?”

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