Report of the American Foreign Ministry about BYSHR

In June 2005 the Bahrain Youth Human Rights Society attempted to register as a civil society group, but the Ministry of Social Development did not respond to the application. Unofficial sources claimed that the society contained an insufficient number of members over the legal age of 18 and, therefore, could not legally register. Members of the society speculate that they have not been allowed to register due to their relationship with members of the now dissolved BCHR.

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  1. you posted things with relevance to physical abuse, what about verbal abuse? what about being imprisoned at home because you are forced to live a life that you gaurdian forced you to live? don’t I have the right to choose my husband? i am 28 years old and i do not agree with the dictatorship that my family is abiding me to do. what rights do i have as a 28 year old woman to choose the life that i want? is it a crime against humanity to live like a normal human being instead of living in fear every single day of my life?

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