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Dear friends,

Some of you are already aware that Bahraini human rights activist Mohammed Al Maskati is facing very serious legal issues in Bahrain which can endanger his life and terminate his human rights activities.

Mohammed has supported everyone whenever they needed him; he has rallied for blogger Kareem Amer, fought for human rights across the Arab world, sacrificed much of his school and free time in order to organize or attend regional conferences, risked his life confronting local crimes against individual freedoms, made local media outlets aware of human trafficking issues which comes with very big risks. He is by far one of the best activists in the region and we are very privileged and proud to have him as a friend amongst us.

A petition was initiated today in support of Mohammed, and it has details concerning the case. This petition is hosted on behalf of the Arab Program for Human Rights Activists (APHRA.) Please view the content here:


The least all of you can do is just show your support for Mohammed by signing this petition please and to express your outrage through your own organizations, media contacts or blogs.

Thank you.

Esra’a Al Shafei

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